Band / Multiplayer: Add Etherpad-like feature to the editor?

I was wondering how multiple people could use Sonic Pi to compose together. One topic/suggestion I find here in the forum is this one: How to sync multiple computers for a "band" setup?

Another idea that came to my mind: Instead of syncing the audio, maybe just add an Etherpad-like ( feature to the editor? That way multiple people could work on the same code at the same time over the network.

Either this could run over some server instance. Pros: Easy to implement and sync. Cons: Someone needs to configure and run a server instance that is reachable for all participants.

Or a more fancy, flexible approach, at least when on the same network link layer, would be to implement a decentral communication via multicast, where anyone could just join if they know and set the correct “band name” and optionally a password. The “band name” could be mapped to an IPv6 multicast group address. So no need to setup a central server, no need for a user to type a specific IP address or domain name to connect. But would be a bit more tricky to sync and would usually not work over a typical internet connection, usually only link-local.