Are there more implicit visualizations?

In Synthesis the picture
of sonic pi shows IMHO three vertically seperated mono oszilloscopes.

How did Magpi possibly achieved this Sonic PI Setup?

Is this hard and using a lot of external apps or is it even implicit
and could be achieved within SPI?

Thanks for some information.

Hi @Buce,

this is actually really easy to achieve - it’s all built-in.

To enable/disable the various scopes, you just need to open the preferences pane and navigate to the Visuals tab and select/deselect the scope styles you want. This is what the preference pane looks like with everything selected:

(Note that you can also do this using the menu bar by selecting Visuals → Show Scope Kinds:

Once you have the scopes selected they will automatically appear in the GUI. Here’s an example of what it looks like with the latest release (v4.3):

Have fun!

Thank you very much for the fast response.
Sorry I did not interpret properly what I saw
and did not experiment sufficiently.
Yea now I see it on my screen too :smile: .

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