Anyone Here Wanna Help with an OSC project?

Before I start. tl;dr of the project: I want to perform Vaporwave with Sonic Pi using OSC in VRChat.

I understand that VRChat has opened up OSC support in a recent patch. I am still waiting for some questions to be answered about what limits the VRC Team set on it.

I am still a novice with OSC, but today, I am going to start playing around with building a “trigger board” for my Vaporwave samples, that I can run from my phone. I think that would be really cool.

Once I master this, I want to apply the same set up to a VR Board in game that I can interact with to trigger samples and adjust effects.

I am looking for 3 things. Either:
A.) Someone that is just as intrigued in this as I am, and would want to help in actually developing it.
B.) Someone who is knowledgeable with OSC in Sonic Pi, who would be able to answer questions should they arise in the process of integration. I would need to swap discord or something with the person if possible to facilitate quicker communication.
C.) Feedback on the idea from the forum. Do you guys think it’s an interesting idea? Maybe I have sparked a fire in your to explore your own VR Instrument ideas.

Anyways, if you have any interest at all in the project, or have any feedback on the idea, feel free to drop it below!

Nvm. Ends up there isn’t much actual supportf for OSC in VRC. They just an on/off, with no parameter changes or anything.

So it sounds like virtual instrument in VRC is out.