Android Midi over USB

Hi guys

I’m new to sonic pi, and wanted to use my phone / tablet for it. I set the option to MIDI output and enabled usb tethering, but didn’t work. Does anyone know how to solve this and get everything up and running?


Hi Sanderei and welcome to in-thread

Can you give a bit more information about your setup. What computer are you running Sonic Pi on, and what version of Sonic Pi are you using? Are you trying to play a midi file on your tablet/phone and get Sonic Pi to recognise the midi input? Are you trying to use a virtual midi keyboard on your phone/tablet to drive Sonic Pi?


I’m using sonic pi on a raspberry pi 3b +, version 3.1 because you can’t update to 3.2, I’m trying to use a virtual keyboard on my android tablet (Lenovo tab M10 fhd plus gen 2. What a name)

Ah. If you are using the Raspbian supplied Sonic-Pi 3.1 that does NOT support midi, even though the documentation suggests it does. Unfortunately it is only a partial build of Sonic Pi. The good news is that I have just released
a build of version 3.2.2 which should work fine on your Raspberry Pi 3b+
You can download it from

Let me know how you get on.

Thank you! I’m installing sonic pi now, and I’m gonna experience how that goes.