Alien Squatter | 不法占拠宇宙人 - My videogame and music project is finished!

After a year of hard work my partner from Chicago and I have finally released our videogame Alien Squatter | 不法占拠宇宙人. It’s and RPG for Window and Mac (Coming out on Android soon hopefully…)

Game Link:

I did the art, music, a little coding and SFX for the game while my partner did the bulk of the coding and wrote the games story.

For a portion of the music I relied on Sonic Pi to slow down samples I made and record small loops which I pieced together in Logic Pro X. The games soundtrack turned out wonderfully with the thanks of Sonic Pi in my arsenal of tools.

Album Link:

Not only that but the Alien Squatter | 不法占拠宇宙人 soundtrack was featured in an article on Bandcamp which is a really big deal!

Bandcamp Article Link:

Thank you for making Sonic Pi a thing! And thank you to the community for all the help in the past!


Cool sound track! Well done.

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Thanks! Now to try and plan out my next project…