Add fluidsynth soundfonts

FluidSynth is a real-time software synthesizer. It is available for Linux/win/Mac/Android …
Several applications utilize it and it is used for embedded systems and in some mobile apps. There are some How To to set up a synthesizer on Raspberry Pi and headless Pi Zero using fluidsynt. (I am actually trying for keyboard controller and EWI. I know there is a thread Headless Sonic Pi on Raspberry Pi. This is not my intention. )

Please do not interpret my following question as any critic, why it is not used in sonic pi (probably as a second additional/alternative synth). I am just curious not critical. I am sure there are some constraints not to use it. Ruby cannot be the problem? ffi-fluidsynth 0.0.1

Has anybody tried to add fluidsynth? Has anybody an idea how to add it? (I am not familiar with Ruby but worked with different languages.)

May be the problem is the man power?

May be the problem is the man power?

Correct, in combination with the priorities of the various maintenance tasks and features that make up our To-do or wish list. Most of our efforts in the last few years have been focused on bug fixing, maintenance and start up stability, as opposed to new features - though we’re keen on continuing to introduce new features as time and resources permit. (We’re always interested in any support from the community of course!).

Soundfont support is on the wishlist - the challenge is that such a thing would require extra development inside the third-party tool which is Sonic Pi’s sound engine, Supercollider.