A different package manager than vcpkg? catch2 fail, mingw-w64-i686-libwinpthread-git- n/a

maybe only cause of where I am with dire network, but TlDr the vcpkg thing is just not working for me.

I’ve got the latest release, but the mingw libpwinthread catch2 thing is not available.

I can get this

but I can’t get this

AND I have no idea why this seems to only affect me.
Excuse my frustration but I’ve spent longer on attempting to build this than perhaps my entire (very limited and unillustrious build history).

NB: I’m trying to git pull origin master on vcpkg, to try to fix this failing build step.

Perhaps useful to note that bootstrap works (latest vcpkg release reportedly installed successfully).

tried increasing git buffer
git config --global http.postBuffer 524288000

and limiting what’s being pulled
git clone --depth 1 GitHub - microsoft/vcpkg: C++ Library Manager for Windows, Linux, and MacOS

quite literally entirely hopeless now, especially as it’s taken this long (ages) to get this far (nowhere, ~1/17)

The following packages will be built and installed:
    catch2[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 3.1.1#2
    concurrentqueue[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 1.0.3
    crossguid[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 2021-10-22#2
  * egl-registry[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 2021-11-23#1
    fmt[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 9.1.0
    gl3w[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 2018-05-31#4
    gsl-lite[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 0.40.0
    kissfft[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 2021-11-14
  * libflac[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 1.3.4#1
  * libogg[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 1.3.5
    libsndfile[core,external-libs]:x64-windows-static-md -> 1.1.0#1
  * libvorbis[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 1.3.7#2
  * opengl-registry[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 2021-11-17
  * opus[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 1.3.1#9
    platform-folders[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 4.1.0
    reproc[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 14.2.4#1
    sdl2[core]:x64-windows-static-md -> 2.24.2
Additional packages (*) will be modified to complete this operation.
Detecting compiler hash for triplet x64-windows-static-md...
Restored 0 package(s) from C:\Users\Jonny\AppData\Local\vcpkg\archives in 929.6 us. Use --debug to see more details.
Installing 1/17 catch2:x64-windows-static-md...

This is trying to build the version that I read was easier to build than the version I wanted to build.

could related to target warning (which may be entirel normal and unimportant)
warning: vcpkg appears to be in a Visual Studio prompt targeting x86 but installing for x64-windows-static-md. Consider using --triplet x86-windows or --triplet x86-uwp

Hi @jonny,

just a polite request to move development/build related discussions over to GitHub to try and keep these forums for user-related discussions.



No problem @samaaron !

I think I created an issue (or two!) previously on the GH repo, but then came home to in-thread after no responses, as the community here is uber-helpful, and I saw other build queries in the development category, and thought this topic qualified as the dev threads are “A place to discuss issues related to development”, but I’ll keep my build queries off the forum from now on :+1:t2:

Ah sorry - you’re right, there is a development category which I must have created back when these forums started and I was figuring out the best way to use it.

However, I’ve since found that lots of code/error/build stuff is quite alienating and off-putting to the vast majority of users - many of which aren’t experienced programmers. So that stuff feels much better off over on GitHub.