Windows v3 BETA

Your piece sounds very nice! Enjoyed listening to it.

I knew the reverb could be costly, but I didn’t think it would “reproduce” like this, thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

On an unrelated note, I really like the new buttons. It’s a small detail, but I love how they make sense while being cryptic and stylish at the same time.

This ‘reproduction’ is the typical behaviour of all FX :slight_smile: Essentially, every time you call with_fx a new synth is triggered. The synth will self-terminate when it’s no longer needed, but that totally depends on what you do in the do/end block.

Also, the new buttons were designed by @samconran - so huge thanks should go to him :slight_smile:

I hasten to add that it’s not my piece! Someone posted it on Twitter and I downloaded it so I’d have something reasonably complex to test out v3.

I can get the midi notes to play to an external soft synth (SynthMaster) if I don’t identify a port or channel. When I identified the port it doesn’t work. I looked in preferences and used the name it was assigned.

On further review. It really isn’t playing my soft synth when I don’t identify a port like I said. It is playing some sound. Do you default to something to play when you use the midi_note_on or do you think it might just be my Microsoft Wave Table I am hearing?

Another thing I noticed. If I look at the input light when I am playing the Sonic Pi live loop with the midi it turns on when the note is playing in the Sonic Pi app. Leading me to believe that Sonic Pi is connecting to my Komplete_Audio_6. But, that midi message is not getting to my synth … hmmmmm.

Okay, I got it to work using loopmidi as well. Weird. Now on to more testing!

Here is the screen shot that got everything to work for anyone else having problems getting it to work.

Useful to know - thanks - I’ll investigate further…

Yes, by default Sonic Pi will send MIDI to all connected ports and channels - so it should trigger everything connected. This includes the built-in Microsoft MIDI-synth which is what you’re hearing :slight_smile:

A small detail that had been bugging me: the Windows installer currently gives you no way to choose the installation folder. I guess there are good reasons for this, and I don’t really mind since it’s Sonic Pi and I think Sonic Pi is awesome enough to do whatever it wants with my computer, but it’s very unusual (and generally frown upon) for a Windows application to do this. This being said, I believe the previous versions did the same.

@lectronice yep, I’m aware of this. At some point in time I’ll hopefully be more in control of the Windows build process than I currently am. Right now I’m happy I can even generate the msi :-). There are a number of improvements I’d like to make to it though including allowing for an arbitrary installation location.