Using Helm synths in Sonic Pi?

Hi there,
I found a tutorial here on how Sonic Pi can control Helm but was curious if I can use Helm’s synths directly in Sonic Pi as well?

Hi @Eyebot,

it is not quite clear to me, what you mean with “Helm’s synths directly in Sonic Pi”.

But Helm is a completely independant program and has its own logic to generate sounds. Sonic Pi does rely on Supercollider to produce sounds. It is possible to create new synths in Supercollider and extent Sonic Pi that way (the keyword for a search is synthdef for synth definition). Here is some information about it allthough I don’t know how up to date this is.

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Since I saw a tutorial on Sonic Pi controlling Helm I guess I was wondering if you could play synths from helm with a MIDI keyboard and bring that into Sonic Pi. This is the tutorial I am referring to:

Hi Eyebot
Yes it is perfectly possible to play Helm with a midi keyboard, and to bring the audio output into Sonic Pi. In fact I am currently working on a program to make it easy to select synths from Sonic Pi using midi cc commands and then to bring audio back into Sonic Pi.
How you connect it up depends on the platform you are using. It is slightly different on a Mac compared to on a Linux box or a Raspberry Pi
PS I wrote the tutorial you refer to above!


Hey Robin!
I have both a Raspberry Pi 4 and a Mac but using it more on the Mac right now. Great Tutorial! How would I go about bringing what I play on midi from Helm to Sonic Pi? I’m actually still pretty green in both music and coding so sorry if I’m a bit slow!


You can use live_audio for that. Robin talks about how that is setup in his tutorial here: (starting around 9:38)

Hi @Eyebot,

okay, now I see … it was about bringing sound back to SP …