Sonic-pi and Helm (MIDI)

Could you help me I would like to contrôle from Sonic-Pi the Synth HELM (Midi)
Please how is possible to do it.
My keyboard midi is connected in my sound box and both my Sonic-pi and Helm are in my computer MAC OS X.
What code I should be write in Sonic-Pi and what address I should be written to connect them together?
Thanks. Moty

Hello @Moty, welcome!
Have you had a search on the forum for topics about helm? there are various posts that people have made about the topic :slight_smile:

That being said, see if there’s useful information in Using Helm synths in Sonic Pi? - #3 by Eyebot as a starting point :slight_smile:

It’s also worth reading up about Sonic Pi’s MIDI functions if you haven’t already: Sonic Pi - Tutorial

I’m sure there would be plenty of folks around that would be able to help you if you still have specific questions after having a read, or helping you troubleshoot a piece of code or equipment setup if you share it here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve never used Helm, but a quick look shows that it’s a standard type plugin for DAW and/or standalone use. If you have experience with DAW’s, I expect you have experience with plugins. Running standalone, look for the way in Helm to specify its sources of MIDI input. On a Mac, you’ll likely need to create an IAC bus using the IAC driver in MIDI Studio in MacOS’s Audio MIDI Setup application. In Sonic Pi, you then specify the IAC bus you created as the port in Sonic Pi’s MIDI functions. For example, you would specify the port as “iac_driver_bus_1” when Helm is listening for MIDI on that port. SPI lists the available MIDI ports, and I expect Helm will, too, at the point where you specify where it should listent for MIDI. But you do need to set up your IAC driver on your Mac.

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Sonic Pi doesn’t see the external synths, just the operating system’s port names. You might set up a constant like HELM = "iac_driver_bus_1" so that later you can do port: HELM.

Hi (salut)

Do you want to say how to change instrument proposed by Helm ?

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Hi Moty
I did a project some time ago using sonic pi and touchOSC which enables you to choose which helm synth you want to use.
You can see it here.