Two versions of the game Simon played by Sonic Pi

I have recently developed two versions of the musical game Simon, where you ahve to remember a sequence of sounds/or lights and reneter them. Each time you get the sequence right it is increased in length.
Both use Sonic Pi 3 to both geerate teh game, and to play the sounds. In each case Sonic Pi is interfaced to an I/O unit using OSC messages. In the first case 4 LEDs and 4 push buttons are connected to the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi and an optional LDC character display displays your current score and the session hi-score. In the second the I/O is provided by an iPhone or iPad or android touch sensitive phone using the modestly priced app TouchOSC. YOu can see videos of the systems at

and at

links to the coce are at


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Fab work as always :slight_smile:

I’ve just got this working on RPi3 and a n Android phone. Don’t forget to enable Receive remote OSC messages in the IO Prefs on Sonic pi.