Gpios comunicacion


Hi all, is there some form of communication between keys (GPIOS) and sonic pi without being midi, ie directly through the gpio of digital inputs of a raspberry pi.Grateful


Have a look at this article.


thank robin, sam could release source code for programmers to develop api that does this work of interaction with external gpios for a sound library of pi.


The source code of Sonic Pi is fully available already for deveolopers to make use of. However I think the support that Sonic Pi has for OSC communications means that it is not difficult to interface it to the GPIO pins. You can use python scripts and the GPIOZERO library to do this very easily, and adding the python-osc library makes it easy to interface this to Sonic Pi via OSC messages. The link I gave above shows examples of this.

Sam is restricted at the moment as to the support he can give to Sonic Pi development, as he needs further funding to support this. Supporting him through his patreon site will help to achieve this.


ok Robin,thanks very much, GOD BLESS YOU


Dear Robin,I would like something similar to the block diagram


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