TunesOfSea V1 - Noise Synth

See soundcloud description for the ‘code’…

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Beautiful, and very hypnotic. I’d love to hear a longer version!

Copy the code and start playing…I guess this one is based on your earlier work…thanks for that input…

Coded by Darin Wilson

The piece consists of three long loops, each of which

plays one of two randomly selected pitches. Each note

has different attack, release and sleep values, so that

they move in and out of phase with each other. This can

play for quite awhile without repeating itself :slight_smile:

Hahaha!! Maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much :joy:

I honestly didn’t recognize it, so you definitely took it in a whole new direction. I’m glad it was useful!

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I used your code as a starting point…For me it is usefull to pick up from something already available. I’m not that of a coder or musician to work from scratch…