Tig3rbabu IGtv tutorial series (ongoing)

Hi all! I am currently posting regular(ish) tutorials on how I have been using sonic pi over the last 2-3 years.

The series is meant to be aimed at adults and since I am a quasi-musician I am doing my best to avoid too much music theory (or teach on the basis of assumed knowledge, which I fall into on occasion).

Part of the reason for making the tutorial series is also because I tend to avoid certain syntax in sonic pi (use_synth, play, play_pattern_timed and a few others) because it overcomplicates my music making. But I am teaching the alternatives from the ground up. But it’s possible the way I currently use the code is a bit inefficient.

This first set is on beats. You can watch it on IGtv or Youtube

The next one will be on basslines, and I will post it on this thread once it is live.

Any and all feedback is welcome, and please use any of the ideas in them (if you find it useful).


Sounds great. I’ll check them out!