.tick through an array of indices - solved

I’ve been at this all day. I’m trying to tick through an array/collection of indices (the top level array is just a scale). My attempt below reveals my lack of understanding of Ruby/SPi syntax, apologies in advance.

choon = (scale :e3, :minor, num_octaves: 3)
# works as expected
##| live_loop :brighton do
##|   play choon[7]
##|   sleep 1
##| end

tick through an array of indices, to pull notes from the scale array

# this will throw an error, "undefined method 'choon'
live_loop :brighton2 do
  play choon(ring [7], [6], [5]).tick
  sleep 1

I think what you want is

choon[(ring 7,6,5).tick]
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Facepalm! I had the .tick OUTSIDE the array. Many thanks