Thomas Taills 40 part motet arranged for Sonic Pi

Thomas Tallis (circa 1570) 40 part motet Spem in Alium for 40 parts (8 choirs of 5 voices) arranged for Sonic Pi.

code at

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That’s amazing - you must have a tremendous amount of patience! :smile:

Actually it only took about 45-60 mins to do. I had a midi file which was loaded into MuseScore2 . I had to edit one part, then produced individual part files and exported then as musicXML files. I used a processing script referred to here which then produces data in Sonic Pi format. I then worked on adjusting the pan values and amp settings of the individual parts and groups of parts.

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Oh, that’s a really interesting approach: Midi -> musicXML -> Sonic Pi code :+1:

Thanks for this! I’m having fun playing with use_tuning :slight_smile:

I’d actually wondered about exporting from MuseScore/MusicXML so that’s really fantastic too.

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