The Most Amazing Thing About Sonic Pi

What I think is so powerful about using Sonic Pi is the fact that I can quickly swap out the addresses of sample-chop folders to instantly have a new song.

For example I can switch this:
melody_Chop = "/Users/sheamkennedy/Desktop/Sonic Pi Files/SPi - Samples/FF7 Chops/Bike"

Into this:
melody_Chop = "/Users/sheamkennedy/Desktop/Sonic Pi Files/SPi - Samples/FF7 Chops/Planet Cry"

And the result is a completely fresh sounding beat (in perfect time thanks to beat_stretch). My mind was blown when I made this simple change to the code!

The other day I posted this partial song (it took me maybe 2 hours to make):

And today I opened up that same song’s code and changed the address of the sample-chop folder (which took me about 5 seconds) and instantly had this brand new song with no other changes made to the code:


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