SynthDef with custom (pseudo) UGen

Hi there,

I’d like to get a synthdef into Sonic Pi that involves an additional UGen, and I am wondering if anyone here can give me some orientation on how to go about it.

It’s not a binary UGen but rather one that SuperCollider calls a pseudo UGen. Using it in SCIDE involves storing it in the SCClassLibrary folder and recompiling the class lib.

AFAICS (at least on Linux-oids) SP doesn’t bring its own SuperCollider along but rather uses the system’s installation, so I wonder if using custom UGens is possible? If so, is something particular needed to store the file and update the SC class lib, or is this already taken care of?

Any starting point from where to poke around is appreciated.

Best, Ben

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Dont have much in the way of help, but when you figure it out it would be great if you could write it up in The Manual