Synchronize Petal and Sonic Pi

Hi everyone,

Some of you may already know, Petal is a small language aiming to extend Sonic Pi by adding the loop system of Tidal Cycles on top of Sonic Pi : Github link.

I would like to take the best of both worlds by finding techniques to synchronize efficiently Petal with Sonic Pi live_loops. For instance, here are some of the things I would like to do :

  • creating Tidal Cycles note patterns using Petal and other note patterns using traditional live_loop.
  • strong timing synchronization between Petal loops and the rest of Sonic Pi code.

My goal would be to create drum patterns using Petal and Sonic Pi live_loop for almost everything else (harmony, melody, random samples triggering).

Have a good day, many thanks,

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Just running down a Petal reference and found this. Bumping the thread to see if there’s been any movement/interest on this?