Stop call not always working for individual live loops

Hi SP friends!

So I’ve been doing a lot of live coding with Sonic Pi recently and loving, but I’ve noticed that since I’ve updated to v4.5 Sonic Pi is less responsive to my “stop” calls. In my live sets I have about 4 songs, move between sheets changing parameters and stopping/starting live_loops as I go. In my last two gigs though since live_loops are not stopping every time, i have to stop everything and re-run the sheet I’m on instead of the seamless transition.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Are there ways to stop live loops if the “stop” isn’t working?

Many thanks!

Hi @halloworld
I sometimes encounter this issue but when I do, it’s always my own bug or error; depending on the logic inside my loops, the placement of the stop call is important - either at the top, middle or at the bottom, as described in the documentation. But I haven’t encountered it as you describe, in 4.5, with individual loops just failing to stop entirely.

This thread discusses solo/mute for different loops:


Hi @halloworld,
I haven’t been doing much live coding lately, so haven’t seen this myself, but if you are able to share some code where this happens, others could see if they also experience the same, and look for issues with it.