Starting/Stoping LiveLoops separately

as far as I understand, all LiveLoops in a buffer are always executed together.
Is it not possible to start and stop them individual? This would increase the possibilities of LiveCoding considerably.
So far I’ve been working with TidalCycles (where it works), so maybe I didn’t understand the concept in SonicPi either.

Thanks for any help!

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First, welcome to the community! It’s a very knowledgeable, helpful bunch of people.

The best way I know to stop and start an individual live loop (which I learned from someone here) is to use the command “stop” on the line after your live_loop line. As in
live_loop :beats do
rest of loop goes here…

You can then use the hashtag in front of stop to start and stop that loop. Of course, you then have to hit Run after each change.

I find it’s a cool way to “build” a performance. You know, start with a basic beat, then add pieces as you go. You can also reverse the process to end a performance.



Thanks a lot, Bob! Great advice. I tried it and it work so far.
But I have a synchronization problem.
When I use sync to run both LiveLoops in parallel, both stop when I use the Stop command on one.
If I don’t use sync, the loops will run apart when I start and stop during performance.
What am I doing wrong?
Or is it better to put everything into only one liveloop?


one option is to use an extra live_loop as a clock/metronome (similar to here).

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Thanks Martin! I’ll test this tomorrow.