Started re-creating Moog's Subharmonicon in Sonic Pi

I got inspired by a video explaining the Subharmonicon and how it uses polyrythms and subharmonics, so I tried reproducing some of it’s functionality in Sonic Pi. So far, I have the sequencers, some of the the rhythms, the mixers, the VCOs/subs, and still need to add the envelopes and filters.

It’s a lot of fun to hook up my novation control to it, and just fiddle with all the settings! :slight_smile:

github repo

sample track


This is cool! Well done.

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Hi thatcotter,

some interesting sounds in there :slight_smile:


That’s super cool!

If you don’t mind, can you explain what is happening here:

defonce :param do
    1 => 0, 2=>0, 3=>0, 4=>0, 5=>0, 6=>0, 7=>0, 8 =>0,
    9 => 0, 10=>0, 11=>0, 12=>0, 13=>0, 14=>0, 15=>0, 16=>0,
    17=>false, 18=>false, 19=>false, 20=>false,
    21=>false, 22=>false, 23=>false, 24=>false,

Thank you!

That’s a snippet of code that I reuse in sketches that hook into the midi signals from my Launch Controller. It has a bunch of knobs and a few buttons/pads. In the :midi_knobs loop I’m reassigning those values whenever a new midi signal comes in from the knobs:

chan, val = sync "/midi:launch_control:0:1/control_change"
param[chan] = val/127.0

This way, I can store all of the latest values in :param and access them anywhere since its a global object :slight_smile:

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