SP as code library, synths creation

Hi there,

I am wondering if there is a possibility to include SP as a code library to own code project - any suggestions please?

The second one - how do SP “generates” synths? I mean is it possible to generate any kind of a synth? or it is limited to included waveforms or “oscilloscopes” or etc?


see: https://github.com/samaaron/sonic-pi/blob/master/SYNTH_DESIGN.md for an introduction.

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It’s worth noting that that synth design document probably needs updating.
It is still correct, in that it will allow you to create a compiled synth that can be played by Sonic Pi, but if the desire is to share it back into the Sonic Pi repository, we are aiming to avoid accepting new synth designs in Overtone (clojure) format. Instead, we would prefer them to be done directly as Supercollider source code. (That won’t stop you from playing with it in Overtone, but just wanted to make folks aware. I’ll see about adding notes to that document about this).