Synth defs supercollider sources

i was looking at folder etc/synthdefs and at compiled synths…
is there a way to have all synth sources? in particular supercollider synth sources?


Hi gambit,

What exactly do you mean by this? (source files are in sonic-pi/etc/synthdefs/designs at stable · sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi · GitHub)

i mean that i dont find a lot. for example i would be curious to see :dsaw source but there is not… thanks for answering


Most of the designs were made with Overtone. We switched to Supercollider only relatively recently :slightly_smiling_face:

yes but for example :dsaw and :tb303 i cannot find sources neither in Supercollider folder not even in overtone sources…

As @ethancrawford mentioned, the majority of the synths were designed using Overtone (which compiles down to the binary format that scsynth understands)

You can find these here:…

We have recently moved to using sc lang for new designs, but as it currently stands most synths are still made with Overtone :slight_smile:

TB303 design is here:…

DSaw is here:…

Compiled synths are all here:…

Hope that this helps,


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