Soundboard for Samples

Hi All!

I’m wondering if there is anything like a soundboard for the Samples etc.?

If not, is that something people would be interested in? I’ll probably make it myself.


We do keep a list of various sites providing free samples… I just cant ever find the post.

I think most of us either make our own, or go get what we want via google, etc…

So a Soundbank (not really sure what that is… is it a site?) might be useful… but
is it going to take up a lot of your time? Because I’d rather see you using SP and
having fun, than curating a sample bank.


Hi Eli!

If I did do it, it would just be a easy reference for the samples that exist within sonic Pi itself.

Yeah, it would be a website. Wouldn’t take me too long, that’s what I do professionally.

It’s just to solve a pain point for myself, which is not remembering what all the different drum sounds like.

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I had the idea of building this into the sample lists in the app, and put together a proof-of-principle. There’s a draft PR here, and you can see a video of how it works at the moment here.


That’s awesome! I guess I don’t need to do it then haha

Assuming it makes it into the app - I think it would be really handy, but maybe there are issues with the way I’ve implemented it. @samaaron what are your thoughts on this?