' SOUND IN ' synth as mixer - recorder

I tried the ‘sound in’ synth on a WIN-10 PC using a USB camera for
the microphone. It works , but there is an obvious latency problem .
Does anyone use this synth sans problems ?
Perhaps the USB is the problem ?
My goal is to use ’ sound in ’ along with ’ record ’ to mix voice
( and whatever ) with Sonic-Pi scripts .
Sort of a ’ one program does all ’ mixer - recorder …
Caveat : My WIN PC is the newer cheaper type without
dedicated audio input jacks.

The set_audio_latency! function is made to alleviate this problem in particular. Try experimenting with it a bit and see if it helps

Thank You !
On experimenting the immediate big problem is that
(singing with Pi-Piece) my voice is delayed over the monitor
making everything awkward from the get-go.
I’ll work on another recording method.
I’d rather use R-Pi than Win 10 anyways …