SonicPi on new organelle

Hi Has anyone run sonic pi on an Organelle M?
My understanding is it has a Raspberry PI inside and I was lucky enough to get one.
I’d really like to send raspberry pi midi to pure data.

Interesting question! I googled the organelle M and I see that it is based on a Compute Module 3 which is related to a Pi3. Looking at a picture of the organelle box I see that it has HDMI output, so it can presumably support a GUI. You can get more detail on the compute module here and I think it will depend upon whether you can easily access and alter (or add to) the storage system and OS actually in use in the Organelle M. I think your best bet would be to contact them for an answer to your question. I suspect it may involve quite a bit of work.
Hope you can make progress with this.
You can certainly interact Sonic Pi and PureData together on a Pi using midi or OSC as the interconnecting protocol.

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yes you can plug in mouse keyboard and monitor, or use VNC.

yes - you can easily access the SD card. it looks like a modified raspbian Linux. I think I’ll download sonic pi tonight and give it a go.

I need to work out what port to send MIDI or OSC to puredata on the organelle. (but that’s not a sonic pi question)

I didn’t think of OSC - that would be brilliant!

I also need to work out how to make sonic Pi send Midi or OSC to a specific port. I suppose I can start with doing that from my laptop! (worst case is using sonic pi from my laptop but that’s not terrible - its probably a good idea)

thank you @robin.newman

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Depending on the os that Organelle is running you may have to build SP from source. The current release for Raspbian Buster although described as 3.1 is cutdown and does not support midi or OSC. Only released version that does is 3.0.1 for Raspbian Scratch.

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