Sonic Pi on Mac - white screen on opening

I’m running Sonic Pi 4.5.0 ( Mac arm64 download) on an M1 Macbook Pro running Sonoma 14.4 and over the past couple of days I keep getting a white blank screen whenever I open Sonic Pi. Sometimes it will open once and work, but if I close and reopen it, the white screen returns and it never properly opens. Any ideas what I can do to get it working again?


apologies - that’s not something I’ve seen or heard of - I’m running macOS 14.4 on an Apple Silicon powered machine and v4.5 is booting normally for me. Obviously that’s just one data point - so it would be really useful to hear if anyone else is observing this issue.

It’s especially strange if v4.5 was working for you for a while - then suddenly developed this behaviour. A very long-shot guess is that it might be a strange quirk between Qt’s graphics stack and macOS’s on your specific hardware. If so, if might be addressed in either an upcoming macOS update or Qt. But that’s just a guess.

As I mentioned - I’d love to hear if anyone else is having this issue.