Sonic pi crashes on Rpi 4 model B

Sonic pi crashes on Rpi 4 model B

See the link here , created it using concatenating all the files using cat ./log/*.log -

Debug output -

$uname --kernel-release 
$uname --hardware-platform 
$uname --kernel-version 
#1311 SMP Mon Apr 27 14:26:42 BST 2020

ruby --version
ruby 2.5.5p157 (2019-03-15 revision 67260) [arm-linux-gnueabihf]

and Sonic Pi v3.1

More info about the sonic-pi app first start -

This is really weird because it opened up fine the first time. The play 20 command was tested and did not produce any errors.

A small nitpick is about when and how the crash appeared. I viewed the details. But praise the gods of weird UI, the details could not be copied. And the message was nowhere to be found.

There was no information to use to debug the problem. So like all software experts, I searched the web and found the location where it stores the logs.

To conclude - It would be much better if the error message at least told the user two things
1.Here’s the location for log files. Get them.
2. Copy the details using this button.

Or the super awesome version - [Error message] …

  1. Press the submit button to submit the bug report, no private data is sent.
  2. Here is how you can view the data to be transmitted.
  3. The destination where it is sent. And the Privacy policy.

You can use a free online service for it. For example - I think a DSL project used Github Gists for it? But you can use what you want.

Here’s another reproduction -

Sonic Pi Boot Error

Apologies, a critical error occurred during startup:

 Critical error! - Could not boot Sonic Pi Server.

Please consider reporting a bug at

And there’s not much point in trying to read the tiny, constricted, prison cell of a window for reading ‘the details’. Just view the logs in .sonic-pi directory inside your home directory. Home directory is /home/username for example if username is rat, look in /home/rat directory.


This is a couple days old report. Finally got the time to report it.

Please, please report back if anyone can or cannot reproduce it. The steps are find its icon, click on its icon and wait a bit. The message does not pop up immediately after the first window opens.

And I’m not even using a exotic setup. Just a good old keyboard and mouse, wired to USB. Wifi is on, Bluetooth is on.
Though it could be possible some package is missing. apt depends turn up nothing(no missing packages) for sonic-pi, sonic-pi-server and sonic-visualizer.


Just install the latest version available on linux by Robin. Sonic PI 3.2.2 deb file for Raspbian released
Linux is not officially supported due to lack of time. If you want to help visit Patreon :slight_smile:

Hello @submitReportToPast.

See here for an explanation of the v3.1 on Raspbian issue:

TLDR: it is a broken/incomplete version built by the RPi team outside of Sam’s control, which of course unfortunately provides a poor user experience for users attempting to use the latest Sonic Pi available through official Raspbian channels.

As nlb has alluded to, Robin has kindly managed to make the most recent release (v3.2.2) available on his own website. Feel free to give that one a go :+1:

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