Sonic Pi coding challenge - the one bit symphony


I’ve been listening to Tristan Perich’s 1-Bit Symphony (a 40min album, stored, and procedurally generated by an attiny85 microchip - all written in assembly). To me it seemed like a good fit for a live coding environment like Sonic Pi, so I challenged myself to transcribe a part of it.

Here is the live coded excerpt of part 1 of movement 2 of the symphony:

Here is a copy of the code:

My main revelation during the course of transcribing this was that it’s always possible in Sonic Pi to write your program to be completely autonomous; to run perfectly every time. But for me it’s more meaningful when it’s ‘live’ and you deliberately take risks that might make your performance a little less ‘perfect’ than it could be. There are examples of that in the video.

Would love to know what the community thinks of this idea, how people approach autonomous behaviour in their live coding practice - whether more hands on or off the laptop keys :wink:

The original composition can be purchased here: