Sonic Pi and Hydra Flash Card App - Beta Test Access


I’ve been interested in learning Sonic Pi, and in typical programmer approach made an entire App to help with that(!)

It has about 200 flash cards for Sonic Pi (and Hydra) and helps learning in a targeted way. You can choose areas to focus on (and, a bit like a spaced repetition approach) it will ask you things you struggle with more often.

Hoping to release an initial version soon, but it would be great if you can try the beta version before release:

It is for iPhone/iPad only at the moment (but I will likely do a MacOS version too). Data should sync between devices. It will be a free/non-commercial app.

If someone wanted to do an Android version happy to share cards data, indeed also want to create a printable version of the cards.

Feedback is very welcome.

Thank you