Small-screen Sonic Pi - How small can it go?

I’m interested in making a device to run Sonic Pi using a Raspberry Pi and a 7" screen, so it can be a little unit rather than a computer with separate screen etc.

The 7" screen is 800x480 resolution - has anyone tried this and does it work? I’ve tried scaling down a SPi window on a normal-size screen of course, and mostly it’s OK. But when you hit prefs, the window gorws vertically quite a bit to accomodate the prefs form.

I’m thinking it might behave differently set to full screen, maybe gets a scrollbar.


I have not tried it but I think it could be really useful for a mobile setup.

I could see it being kinda tough to code on but if you had everything pretty prepped and just had to either let it run or comment/uncomment as needed, it could definitely work

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I wonder if a Polyend Tracker-type size and layout would be doable?

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Thanks. OK, I’ve emulated it by setting the VNC screensize to 800x480 and it seems to be usable. Below is a screenshot of optimised choices: ‘Pro Light’ view in fullscreen mode, with the log off. When you select the prefs, the form hangs off the screen most of it visible. And you can use Alt+Drag to bring it all into view. Looks plausible.

Remember that (though it’s only a minor improvement) you can also squeeze out a little more screen real estate by hiding various GUI elements like the buffer switching buttons, and main button toolbar, etc :slight_smile:

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Thanks, it looks like similar size. Not seen that device before, looks interesting. Quite expensive.

Thanks, yes I’ll try that. It’s a tradeoff between how much to use the touchscreen vs keyboard. Although for my target purpose I’ve coded my SPi to work with a midi controller there’s still start/stop/change buffer to consider. I’m going to try one of those mini keyboards aimed at smart TVs, see how practical that is.

I’m going to practice using small-screen-VNC and all that before taking the plunge and buying the screen, ony to find it’s a lemon.

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