Busking with Sonic Pi

Today I cycled past a guy in my town centre who busks as a DJ with decks.

It made me wonder if anyone has ever busked with Sonic Pi.

Anyone? Searching on ‘busking’ doesn’t find any posts.


No, I haven’t yet. But I thought about it watching a talk of Alexandra Cárdenas at ICLC #4 (unfortunately somewhere hidden in the archive) about her street code project.

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Thanks for that. Just thinking of things I might be able to do in the future. A portable projector might be the hardest thing to obtain :slight_smile:

There is some tutorials to build a Rapsberry-Pi based projector. I was thinking about building a gig case that would come with a small projector for code. Tell me if you find any projector that could do the trick. It may be expensive due to the size and build quality but definitely worth the price to play Sonic-Pi everywhere.

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A Raspberry Pi projector! I didn’t expect that. However, I suppose that I should have - people seem to make everything with Raspberry Pis. I suppose out there somewhere is a kit to make a microwave oven with a Raspberry Pi.

Looking online, there are cheap projectors on eBay, but many have a very low native resolution. This one claims to have a native resolution of 1080p, but I’d be hesitant to assume that it actually does, as cheap products are sometimes mis-sold on eBay. I found cheaper projectors on eBay, but some of them had vertical resolutions as low as 320x180.