Simple SonicPi Export from Musescore

i made a little Musescore 3.x plugin to export scores into a sonic pi script.
If you want to test it, it can be found here: GitHub - synchronisator/musescore-sonic-pi-export: A Musescore 3.x Plugin to export a score to Sonic Pi Code

It is really rudimentary.
If you find bugs or if you have more ideas please let me know.


This plugin is exactly what i needed. so if you try to do more or complex things maybe this: Data import/export Sonic Pi MuseScore 2 is more what you are searching for, but i never tested it :slight_smile:

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This is of potential interst to me. I use Musescore3 quite a bit but have never tried plugins. At present I use processing scripts to convert musicxml files exported from MuseScore to Sonic PI. It works well, but is a bit tedious to use.
I am a newbie for plugins and I’m not sure how to use this. I tried using the plugin creator command to load in your qml file which it did. But I can’t get it to do anything with the current score. There are a string of erros when I press the run command in the plugin creator window eg

Creating component failed
   line 131: Expected token `,'
   line 131: Expected token `;'
   line 131: Expected token `;'
   line 210: Expected token `,'
   line 210: Expected token `;'
   line 210: Expected token `;'

Are you able to detail a simple run throuhg to show how to use this?

this is strange, because the exception is within a for loop definition…
What System do you use?
I use Linux and it “works for me” :smiley:

I changed the loop and hope it works now.
You can place the the file in the directory for system find here:

After that you can enable it via Manager.
But if you can go with the Plugin Creator, this is fine.

Hope it works now

Somehow the staff naming is now broken… no idea why.
This Musescore Object Hirarchy is not very clear and i have no real way to debug things and with javascript and qml this is all quite confusing for me.
And its hard to code, because the plugin creator is not a real IDE and tools like intellij are not very useful in this case…
Its a long try&error-journey…

I’m using Mac with MuseScore3.6.2.548020600
Your modified file give fewer errors.

Creating component failed
   line 131: Unexpected token `>'
   line 132: Expected token `:'
   line 132: Expected token `}'

but still does not work. As you say its not very friendly or helpful. Guess I’ll stick with what I use at the moment. Even if slow my existing setup does at least enable me to incorporate tempo changes!