Show n Tell Thread!

Hey everyone!

I have been having an extremely productive October as it pertains to Sonic Pi. Idk what switch flipped on in my head, but I just got it, and ran with exploring it. I wanted to share some projects I made over the month, as well as query y’all to show off some stuff you have been working on. Completed or not, I’d love to hear your tracks!

1.) End of Life (Lo Fi HIp Hop)
My most recent, and probably favorite, composition. I can’t wait to explore further down this road.

2.) Concerto for Pi #2(Experimental Piano)
This was me experimenting with notes on a piano. It turned into a weird, experimental classical piece all it’s own, especially at the end with the bit crusher adding a little noise undercurrent.

3.) Dango V0.7(Traditional Piano)
My first attempt at transposing a midi file over into code I could manipulate. I felt so accomplished at the end with how real it sounds. I need to go back and do the last little bit.

4.) Sonic Pi Drone #1(Drone/Drone ‘Metal’)
I was playing with a bass that sounded kinda DarkWave-y, but after adding effects to it, it became a Sunn 0)))) song. Be careful with this one with you have powerful bass in your speakers.

5.) Mirror World V2.0(Extratone)
This is the most refined version of my Extratone concept I was playing with, with the bpms over 1000. I am putting the finishing touched on an ep of this, and I will be releasing that.

I can’t wait to see what you guys show! :slight_smile:

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