Shorthand for random values

I’d like to do something like:

amp: ~1.0

Where the tilde would indicate that a random value between plus or minus 10% of what follows should be used. Use two tildes to indicate 20%, three for 30%, etc. This could save time instead of typing out rand functions.

The tilde probably already means something, but maybe some other symbol or bracketing or something.

Sadly with the current syntax, this isn’t possible.

The best you could get is to create your own function t:


You could also support an optional second argument which indicates the +/- percentage in integers:

t(1, 1) # perhaps the default +/- 10% 
t(1, 2) # +/- 20%

The definition of t might look as follows

define :t do |val, perc=1| do
  variance = val * (perc / 10.0)
  rrand(val - variance, val + variance)