Set Recording volume

Hi all

  1. I have written a live loop
  2. While playing I hear certain volume
  3. I send the OSC command start-recording, i play the same live_loop, than sending OSC command stop-recording, then save-recording
    => the created audio file got different volume from the one played

Someone knows how to mantain the same volume?

I often use Audacity to post record process, and use the normalise function.

Is the created audio file louder or quieter than the sound generated directly from Sonic Pi?

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Hi Sam,

The created audio file is quieter than the sound generated directly from SonicPI.
Am I missing something in configuration?


No one with solution for this problem?
I see that I can set the internal SonicPI mixer level.Could it resolve this issue?

Iā€™m thinking that Audacity will be the best solution to normalize the audio output at this point. I upgraded to the latest SonicPI version but the volume difference still remain.
Thanks for support

Yes that is a good solution which I often use.