SEND SPi´s Midi to Another DAW

nice idea ! Some code available ?
i guess you use the learn midi affectation to the record button into ableton live then into sonic pi send some clever midi signals but which one ?
Thanks if you can tell us more

EDIT : this is the idea non ?

live_loop :ArmTrack01 do
  midi_cc 20, 0
  sleep 1
  midi_cc 20, 127
  sleep 1

Hi siimphh!
Yes; I have Oscular Toolkit but i don,t know how to use it with Sonic Pi .


Hi nlb & Hypostatic!

Thanks for the advice about LiveOSC.

I have tried but does not work for me because i am doing something bad.

In the original Hypostatic post are the files.

Have nice weekend :wink:

Hi !
Hypostatic; I love Reaper.
Please could you explain with detail,some pictures how do you set up Reaper OSC with Sonic Pi?
Maybe better by creating a new thread
Thanks in advance


Yep, that’s correct. I’m not totally sure using 0, and 127 has an effect like ‘on and off’ - I guess I didn’t try that. I think it’s a toggle though. Any command on that channel and value toggle it. I could be wrong.

What I actually didn’t say very well was I only use the loop I was talking about for control mapping - like arming the record button. I comment out everything else, run that to set up mapping in Ableton, and then comment that out and just use a single command before I run the OSC “play” command.

To do that it helps to have just one single command (though that can work as well). I set up a small loop like what you have above with only one midi command at a time and then put Ableton into ‘midi mapping’ mode with say the ‘record’ button chosen. Then I start just the live_loop and Ableton then has that midi command (usually a midi cc in this case) internally mapped to listen for that. For whatever reason LiveOSC, does not have a way that I could find to play AND record. It can play fine with the OSC command for that (in the LiveOSC reference list I shared in my other post) but you either need to click the record button manually every time (maybe not that big of a deal) or use midi as just mentioned.

But with this method of midi-mapping you can also do just about amount of Ableton control as well. I just find the OSC commands cleaner.

ANOTHER BIG CAVEAT: You can’t seem to use both LiveOSC AND the OSC Toolkit. I think LiveOSC must be intercepting all calls, even if you use a different port. Again, I could be wrong, but never figured it out.

Hi @Lunatico !

Sure! When I get a chance and refresh my memory, I’ll write this up in another thread. It isn’t very difficult and REAPER is very efficient. I actually had much less problems than with Ableton AND there are MANY more commands to use than with Ableton and LiveOSC. Perfect for recording stems of loops for mixing.

Fantastic Hypostatic!
I wait happily for the configuration of the powerful reaper :wink: