Saving a variety of .rb files

Sonic Pi newcomer here. I would like to ask what the SPi mechanism is for saving/editing multiple .rb files. While I kinda understand the multiple Buffers paradigm, in the absence of an Application menu I don’t understand how SPi saves and recognises multiple .rb file (prob because I don’t know Ruby). If I open a SPi ‘project’, make some changes and quit, the changes are saved. But I’ve noticed that sometimes those changes occur in all recent .rb files. I guess I just need a clear description of how SPi saves .rb files, and how to save a file before making changes and saving as a NEW .rb file. You know, myProject_v1, myProject_v2 etc.


Hi @brendanmac,

thanks for your question. Unfortunately you posted it in the wrong category, so I have now moved it from “Introductions & Stories” to “Support, Help & Resources”. Note that to engage further, you’ll need to support further development of Sonic Pi. Unfortunately as things currently stand I will have to stop continued development soon when the money runs out in a few months.

To answer your question, Sonic Pi automatically saves and manages your files. From a user perspective you have the option of exporting and importing the contents of the files as standard text files, but this is only one buffer at a time. There is currently no way to import or export multiple files in one go. This is something I would like to work on, but as mentioned above, resources are unfortunately too low currently.