Samples not found on Ubuntu

Hi, I’m moving my sonic pi code from a Raspberry Pi running Debian Buster to Ubuntu 22, and am finding it’s not able to find my samples. I believe I have them in the location matched by the line in the code. Is there any difference between the finding of samples on those two OSs?

I assume you are talking about separate installations of Sonic Pi one installed on a Raspberry Pi and the other on a different computer running Ubuntu 22. Are the samples you are referring to your OWN samples or the ones bundle with Sonic Pi? Your OWN samples should be accessible to Sonic Pi via a path that you supply in your Sonic Pi buffer code.

sample "~/samples/oboe.wav"
The ~ signifies the logon users home folder. on a Raspberry Pi you could have
sample "/home/pi/samples/oboe.wav"
however if your ubuntu computer is a different one then likely your user name is not pi, and if you are using say a Mac then the path to the user folder is rather different eg
/Users/rbn in my case.
do you get a warning message in the log window like
sample ["~/Desktop/samples/fred"] - no match found, skipping.

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Thanks for the info!
Yes these are my own samples.
I’ve been getting the no match found error message.
Any ideas what would work on Ubuntu?

Can you post some of the not found errors. That would help to determine what might be the problem. It should show where sonic pi is looking and what the sample name it is looking for is.

You should be able to look at the path bit (ie up to but not including the sample file name) and see if it is where you expect to be.