Ruby Operations over Pitch-Class Sets (Set Theory)

Still exploring diverse things with musical applications of Set Theory through Sonic Pi.
In this case, I found a relatively simple Ruby script which does several operations with pitch class sets.

I’ve adapted it a bit to make it work in Sonic Pi. So I clumsily forked it.

Now I can do all sorts of fun little things. (Except for info which returns nil).
Also, I can’t apply the “destructive methods” with exclamation mark. But that’s pretty much just convenience, AFAICT.

run_file "/Users/alex/Documents/GitHub/Ruby-PCSet/pcset.rb"
noodl =[0,1,4,5,6,7,10])
puts noodl.transpose(55)
puts noodl.invert
puts noodl.complement
puts noodl.transpositions
puts noodl.normal_form
puts noodl.interval_vector
puts noodl.huron
puts noodl.vector_of_relations
puts noodl.is_unique?
puts noodl.is_coherent?
puts noodl.notes
puts noodl.invert.transpose(55).notes
puts noodl.inspect
puts noodl.transpose(55).notes
puts noodl.invert.transpose(55).notes
puts noodl.invert(2).normal_form.notes
puts noodl.invariance_vector
puts noodl.transpose(7).notes