Remixing Beethoven

I saw Sam tweet about the BBC releasing some samples/stems for remixing of the National Orchestra of Wales playing Beethoven’s 5th here.

I thought someone might like to do something fun with them, possibly for the Monthly Challenge.


It’s fun! The quality of the samples is really good. Here’s what I came up with when playing around yesterday. Using onset: can give some interesting material to work with.

# Welcome to Sonic Pi
use_bpm 125

beet_path = "/Users/xavriley/Downloads/Beethoven5_stems_wavs"

live_loop :cellos, sync: :kick do
  with_fx :lpf, cutoff: 90, amp: 1.5 do
    with_fx :slicer, probability: range(0.7,0.8).choose do
      sleep -0.05
      sample "#{beet_path}/CELLOS - STEM.wav", onset: 1, pitch: -12, amp: 5
      sleep 4.05

live_loop :kick do
  sample :bd_haus, cutoff: 100
  sample :sn_dolf, cutoff: 90, on: [0,0,0,1].tick
  sleep 1

live_loop :pad, sync: :cellos do
  8.times do
    sample "#{beet_path}/VIOLINS 1 - STEM.wav", rate: [-1,1,2,0.5,-0.5].choose,
      onset: range(0, 5).choose, pan: range(-1,1).choose, amp: 0.5
    #sample :bd_haus
    sleep 0.5
  sleep 4

I’ve just been trying exactly the same sort of thing using onset with these samples. As you say lots of fun here.
I put in an entry, and just got an email to say that it was going to be played on BBC Radio 3 during the program ‘In Tune’ on Monday 14h Dec sometime between. 5pm-7pm (GMT) Created in Sonic Pi, with the aid of Audacity to trim silences at the beginning and end of the samples I used.

WOW it was great to hear my entry being played in Radio 3 last night.
It is here for 29 days(track 4) about 17:50 minutes into the broadcast.

I have uploaded my original to SoundCloud

I will see what I can do to publish the code later. However I did use SP 3.3beta as I wanted to utilise one of the new commands in it, so you need that version. although I have a temporary hack for two files in version 3.2.2 to get it to work there too.