Refresh〔Kōshin | 更新〕My first fully finished song!

Here’s that song I was working on finally complete. I played around with bass and synth like I said I would but in the end it sounded best without so I spent my time polishing, compressing and limiting the track. I also drew up some art to go along with the song. I will continue working in this style and see if I can get a small album going.


I like it! Repeating the 5-note descending motif at the beginning of sections makes the work feel unified.

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This is great. I can hear @kniknoo 's trap drum function in there!


Yeah that’s a really useful function!

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I’m probably making a terrible faux-pas by doing this… no doubt trap
artists all over the world will curse me… but if you replace the single
trap line with:

trap_hats(:drum_cymbal_hard, [1, 2, 3, 4].choose, rrand(0.7, 1.3), rrand(0.7, 1.3))
trap_hats(:drum_cymbal_closed, [ 6, 8, 12, 16].choose, rrand(0.7, 1.3), rrand(0.7, 1.3))

I think it’s okay, even if the rest of the trap world doesn’t… but then, what do I know.


(Heh… and lets not even talk about cowbell and chime… ) :slight_smile:

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I like it better actually, I think it carries more intensity and could work for a more aggressive beat. I’ll keep this saved for possibly using at a later time.