Raspberry pi3 B+ Sound problem


I’m playing whith a raspberry Pi3 B+ DIY laser Harp , i use OSC in python to synch whith sonic-pi . Basic qwick osc test sample below work fine, but Pi sound analog output fail after 3 loop. Sound become bad , latency and plop => here is the sonic-pi wav record [wav record] but this record is whithout probleme , i think sonic-pi don’t use analog voice output.

My Question : Is this problem consequent to Pi3B+ limitation analog sound card output? Is the project possible using Pi3B+ ? .

sory for my english , i’m french

thanks for you help


# Welcome to Sonic Pi

c4= synth :prophet, note: 10, cutoff: 0, sustain: 0
c3= synth :prophet, note: 10, cutoff: 0, sustain: 0
c2= synth :prophet, note: 10, cutoff: 0, sustain: 0
c1= synth :prophet, note: 10, cutoff: 0, sustain: 0

  live_loop:corde1 do
      sleep 0.05
      c1a, c1b, c1c = sync "/osc*/trigger1/prophet"
       control c1, on: 0
      c1= synth :prophet, note: c1a, cutoff: c1b, sustain: c1c
      sleep 0.05
      stop1 = sync "/osc*/triggerstop1/prophet"
      if stop1[0] == 0
        control c1, cutoff: 10

#corde 2

  live_loop:corde2 do
    sleep 0.05
    c2a, c2b, c2c = sync "/osc*/trigger2/prophet"
    control c2, on: 0
    c2= synth :prophet, note: c2a, cutoff: c2b, sustain: c2c
    sleep 0.05
    stop2 = sync "/osc*/triggerstop2/prophet"
    if stop2[0] == 0
      control c2, cutoff: 10


  live_loop:corde3 do
      sleep 0.05
      c3a, c3b, c3c = sync "/osc*/trigger3/prophet"
      control c3, on:0
      c3= synth :prophet, note: c3a, cutoff: c3b, sustain: c3c
      sleep 0.05
      stop3 = sync "/osc*/triggerstop3/prophet"
      if stop3[0] == 0
        control c3, cutoff: 10


  live_loop:corde4 do
#with_fx :wobble do
  #with_fx :slicer do
   # with_fx :reverb,  room: 0 do
      sleep 0.05
      c4a, c4b, c4c = sync "/osc*/trigger4/prophet"
      control c4, on: 0
     sleep 0.05 
     c4= synth :prophet, note: c4a, cutoff: c4b, sustain: c4c
      stop4 = sync "/osc*/triggerstop4/prophet"
      if stop4[0] == 0
        control c4, cutoff: 10
 # end