Programming Themed Birthday Party

Last year I was asked to give a workshop on a birthday party. I know the birthday girl and she came by my house a few weeks before to hear what I would be doing and she loved it so she decided to have a programming themed birthday party and I got to entertain a party of nine 10 year olds. These are all gifted kids, I actually had a hard time keeping up with the questions once they got started.

I prepared a cheat sheet to hand out.

We agreed that it would take maximum 2 hours and I figured that if some kids were not into it I needed some extra stuff. So I brought my Lego EV3 robot with a GoPro mounted on it, it is controlled by an off brand XBox controller connected to an old laptop where you get live video from the GoPro. I wrote Python and Java code to do that, I use that in other workshops as well.

At the party I demoed some Sonic Pi stuff, rushing trough the code on the cheat sheet so after 15 minutes they all were coding beeps and beats.

This was great fun and Iā€™d love to do it again.

They all had matching T-shirts and I got one as well.