Pringles Can Drums w/ Arduino

I made a couple Midi controllers out of some Pringles Cans and piezo sensors then hooked them up to Sonic Pi with an Arduino MKRZero and played some drumbeats

I recently got the MKRZero and it is super easy to set up in Sonic Pi. It reads as a Midi device in Sonic Pi right when you hook it up without any additional software.
Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 11.03.27 PM

The code to send Midi messages was available online and is pretty straight forward and easy to modify.
Here is the code from the Pringles Project

#include "MIDIUSB.h"

byte note = 0;            // The MIDI note value to be played
const int ledPin2 = 13;
const int ledPin1 = 12;
const int knockSensor1 = A1;
const int knockSensor2 = A2;
const int threshold = 100; 

int sensorReading1 = 0;  
int sensorReading2 = 0;  
void setup() {
  pinMode(ledPin1, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(ledPin2, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
   sensorReading1 = analogRead(knockSensor1);
   sensorReading2 = analogRead(knockSensor2);
     if (sensorReading1 >= threshold) {
    //Note on channel 1 (0x90), some note value (note), middle velocity (0x45):
    noteOn(0x90, 60, 0x45); 
    digitalWrite(ledPin1, HIGH);
    //Note on channel 1 (0x90), some note value (note), silent velocity (0x00):
    digitalWrite(ledPin1, LOW);
    noteOn(0x90, 60, 0x00); delay(50);
     if (sensorReading2 >= threshold) {
    //Note on channel 1 (0x90), some note value (note), middle velocity (0x45):
    noteOn(0x90, 48, 0x45); 
    digitalWrite(ledPin2, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(ledPin2, LOW);
    //Note on channel 1 (0x90), some note value (note), silent velocity (0x00):
    noteOn(0x90, 48, 0x00); delay(50);
 void noteOn(byte cmd, byte data1, byte data2) {
  midiEventPacket_t midiMsg = {cmd >> 4, cmd, data1, data2};

Here’s the Sonic Pi Code:

live_loop :midi_box do
  note, velocity = sync "/midi*/note_on"
  puts note, velocity
  set :b, note
  if note == 48
    sample :bd_haus
  if note == 60
    sample :sn_zome

It can also receive Midi messages from Sonic Pi. Here’s a quick project I made that lights up different LEDs depending on which note is playing.

If anyone is interested, I’ll post the code for this one too.