Play :c3 sends note 0 to my synthdef but play :c3 + 0 works

I’ve put an example on GitHub, the note.poll statement in there outputs 0 if using play :c3 in Sonic Pi, and correctly outputs 48 if using play :c3 + 0 in Sonic Pi.
Am I doing something wrong, or is that due to using load synthdef without having described the synth in synthinfo.rb ?

Hi there,

if the synth doesn’t have metadata in synthinfo.rb then Sonic Pi won’t attempt to do any smart conversion for things like note names etc. The reason why :c3 + 0 works is that this essentially does the conversion from a symbol (:c3) to a number before attempting to trigger the synth. So this is effectively the same as play 48 which also should work.

Ok thank you very much, that explains it!

Yes you could also use play note(:c3) which works as in Sam’s explanation.