Performing Live with Glitches?

Hi! I’m running MacOS Monterey, and am after restarting Sonic Pi with my outputs connected to an external speaker…I found that the sound started glitching.

It also only sometimes plays sound on the external speaker. I’m starting to perform live and this is a problem I’m hoping to solve asap so it runs more consistently.

What can I do?

Looking for help! Thank you!

Hello @allieb :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully someone can help you troubleshoot the issue! To start with, a few more details might be helpful - could you please send us the contents of the Sonic Pi log files that are present after a session which had the glitching issue? You’ll find them in your home folder, in .sonic-pi/log.

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Hi! Thanks for the tip.
Actually, everything runs fine in the log; the only thing that is troublesome is the speaker have a bit of glitchiness and pauses, and sometimes no sound. My speaker isn’t broken though; I’ve heard there were similar issues with the output of sonic pi into external speakers.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Does the same code run fine on internal speakers?
It would also be helpful to have an idea of the code you are trying to run, just for the sake of elimination…