OSC message data type conversion like String

I am currently using Python Sonic module to send OSC data from Blender into Sonic Pi.

Kind of stuck in this basic object or type conversion.

I am sending this String type of data for synth such as “:tri” “:sine:” and Sonic Pi does not seem to like it when receiving OSC message, I am getting this error:

Unknown synth :":tri"

How do actually convert string data type into proper value in Sonic Pi? Sonic Pi is Ruby language right?

Ok apparently when sending OSC message, I need to just remove the “:”. Should kind of work…

Hi there,

would it be possible to send the code you’re trying to run? And what you expect to be in the OSC messages?

Hi Sam, thanks for your reply. Don’t worry about this one, I might come back.

I was using Python Sonic module to trigger Sonic Pi from Blender. Some language and also OSC message trickery that I am still new to.

Currently using MIDO to send Midi Message to Sonic Pi, also works. But funny thing is that Sonic Pi and multi thread seems to sync realtime music much better than Blender triggering Sonic Pi…

That doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve put an incredible amount of thought into timing - none of which will be in Python Sonic or in Python libs sending MIDI messages :wink: