Off topic : pi 400 and bluetooth What is this hell


Friends of mine have bought a pi 400 to their 13 years old son.

he just want to listen to youtube :slight_smile: Right ? So no jack output >>> are we in Apple World ?
bluetooth speakers recognized but no pairing possible…

So he is very upset and i understand him. I’m trying to find a solution based on pulseaudio or alsa but i can’t get it work. Raspberry pi forums are not cleared so it’s a very bad experience…
Some people here have met this kind of issue ?


Is there any way to get the audio from the HDMI out? If you connect to a TV or a monitor with an audio jack I suspect that might be the easiest approach.

Alternatively you should be able to get a cheap USB sound card and use that?

I agree, it’s a real shame they dropped the analog audio out.

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Only vga monitor and of course if it was for me i would have plugged an usb audio. but his budget is short…
actually i managed to get some sound after commands on the terminal but after a reboot everything is out of order.
So buy a standard raspberry pi :slight_smile:

Do you think this
can resolve the problem and permit to use a jack without headaches ?

I have a RP4 running as a music box. This is obviously another case but I have a cheap USB Audio device attached which works flawlessly (Sabrent USB External Stereo 3D Sound Adapter); you can get it for 8 EUR.

Oops. Just saw this. This is what I bought, see my last post. Yes, I think you’ll be happy with it.

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I have a PI 400 and I use it in three ways for sound.

  1. output via hdmi to my monitor speaker.
  2. use a cheap usb dongle Techrise (from Amazon ÂŁ8.99) works well with Sonic Pi.
  3. I have an Anker SoundCore Mini bluetooth speaker ÂŁ22.99, which pairs OK (although slightly finicky to do) and again works well with Sonic Pi. Of course latency is not great for this latter choice

Let me know if you want more details.

Thanks everyone for your answers.

At least I have managed to make it work but won’t be able to reproduce the so many steps I have to execute to get to this result.
Now I have given back the pi 400 to its young owner so i can’t test it again right to understand the whole topic.

What I may understand that there is an issue between blueman,alsa and pulseaudio. May I have try with a fresh latest pi Os install.
To me there is no interest in this pi 400 : you have to work with a non standard keyboard, no jack audio output, it takes a lot of space if one day you want to use it as a media server.